What Are NFT's And The Metaverse

Excerpted from the letstalkproductions.com website.


In 2015 and prior Augmented Reality allowed developers to create digital experiences using physical objects such as a business card that could play a video when you pointed the camera at a QR code or when you placed your mobile device next to a beacon. Of course, you would need an app on your device that talked to the beacon or QR code. The video could be displayed in 3D and visible in your physical environment. For instance, you could be in your living room and you would see the video playing through your phone and your living room in the background. Think of the movie Black Panther where the characters Shuri and T’challa used a wrist device to communicate and an augmented version of their likeness (video) would pop up so they could see each other as they communicated. Around the same time, Virtual Reality was introduced where a person could have a hologram of themselves displayed in a 3 D Life Sized video (Hologram Webinar example shown here). Holograms have also been unsuccessfully attempted in concerts.
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