Why Support Black Owned Businesses

By supporting Black Business, you are helping to shape the Black economy. You are helping to create other programs and movements that contribute to our cause. We need each other. 

History keeps repeating itself over and over in the Black Community. We march, we speak out, we march again, we speak louder. We want better jobs, better pay, a bettter life. 

Those not old enough to remember or have experienced first-hand have just been hit with a huge reality check. Who would have thought today's young generation would see protests, rallies and riots to the degree we have experienced in 2020? This should not be so. We are in a different time.

We as a Black Community have a voice. Our voice begins with our American dollar. We must position ourselves into leadership. This is why we must support black-owned businesses. The more we support, the stronger these businesses become. They become financially stable, they can create jobs and hire people and train people... our people. There is now no need to protest. We can empower ourselves by working together and supporting one another by our patronage, our participation, our resources and knowledge sharing. A quiet, productive fight.

We then break the cycle and begin to have something we can pass down to and educate our children on and they become strong, productive citizens.

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*The BusinessMatters App is in no way affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement or other political agendas. It was founded with a desire to help educate the community at large on business matters that affect not just Black Entrepreneurs and Business Owners but other small venturs that can't seem to get off the ground because of their lack of resources.