The Year 2021: How Good Can Come From Devastation

The Year 2021: How Good Can Come From Devastation

How Covid19 Has Affected Our World and Changed our Behaviors

COVID-19 has affected every family accros the globe in a major way. For some, it has been more devastating than others but we've all been affected.

Good can come out of devastation. It may take some time to realize the good in many cases, but it can.

If you think that COVID-19 hasn't reshaped our world, think again. Whether you agree or disagree on how things are being handled by our leaders is really irrelevant. We all have a part to play. We cannot wait or depend on government for a solution. Technology is great when used properly and when needed but it has crippled many of us. Where we used to be creative, we are now dependent. How many phone numbers do you know from memory? That is exactly the point.


With respect to our children and the school system, many parents disagree with some of the curriculum and testing students are subjected to because of bias in the education system. There are subjects being taught in school that have nothing to do with helping students fair well in the current economy. It needs to be revamped and the period of the COVID-19 epidemic presents the perfect opportunity.


Education should first begin in the home, if that is even possible. Parents without exposure to technology, information and resources have no way of educating their children at home and some of the ones that do, are not equipped to educate their children on their own. 


Ultimately, we as parents are responsible for the knowledge or influence our children are subjected to. Let's not leave it in the hands of Government. The best advice I was ever given by a school teacher when my son was 4 years old. She told me to give my child homework every day even if she does not send the students home with homework. In her words "If you do this everyday, by the time he is in second grade, you'll never have a problem out of him doing his school work." She was right. Today my son has an MBA and has started his own business.

There is no overnight end-all be-all solution to our education system but we can start with making it our own priority to influence the education our children need. If we know better we can do better and we are better equipped to help the next person.



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